[:en]Burgundy Dress & Denim Jacket

12/26/2016 0 Comments


Dress: Lush | Jacket: Forever 21 | Boots: Target | Bag: Michael Kors

Happy Monday Everyone! Hope everyone had great Christmas filled with joy, and a great time with your loved ones. I had a great time with my family. Christmas morning was the best, seeing my son so excited to open up his gifts. I’ve been MIA here lately but I have been so busy with work, and I had a little problem with my website but I am back now. I’m super excited for the new year, and still can’t believe 2016 is almost gone.

Now on to the outfit. I wore this outfit a few weeks ago, and liked how it turned out. For sureย a different way to wear a dress. Hope you liked the outfit and thank you for stopping by.